EVstudio Store – Now with Hats

August 22, 2009

EVstudio Hat

EVstudio’s Apparel Store now includes baseball caps in a variety of styles and colors. Show your EVstudio style on your head.

Free New Online LEED Resource Helps Even Seasoned Professionals – LEEDuser.com

August 13, 2009

At EVstudio we are constantly keeping up with the latest information and tools available to help us work  in the most effective way possible. I’ve just had the opportunity to check out a brand new website called LEEDuser.com offering a comprehensive new tool which could be a valuable tool for even the most seasoned of professionals when working on a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification project. The site has been created by the same people who created BuildingGreen.com with the help of leading national and international green building experts such as YRG, Fore Solutions, Dan Ackerstein, Flack + Kurtz, AEC, EDAW, Viridian, & Geiler & Associates.

One of the best things about the web-site is that it is built around the recent 2009 changes to the LEED 3.0 Rating Systems creating a free opportunity for those of you who haven’t been able to attend a local seminar or haven’t wanted to dedicate the time or money yet to learn about the changes from LEED 2.2 to LEED 3.0.  Although they don’t yet have information on every pre-requisite and credit available through the LEED Rating Systems, they have started with some of the most difficult, tricky or misunderstood of the LEED credits and the information offered for each of these credits is phenomenal. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate and includes information about the new Regional Credits, green building strategies such as Daylighting, Green Roofs and Porous Paving in addition to very in-depth information, tips from the experts and resources for each of the credits that are currently available on the site. It also acts as a very useful portal to finding the peripheral information necessary for navigating a LEED certification project such as links that lead you directly to where you can find the information for ASHRAE Standard 90.1 – 2007, for example. Interestingly enough, in addition to the nationally applicable information, there seems to be quite a bit of regionally specific information based on real world experience stemming from the collaboration with YRG and the other experts and the municipalities & jurisdictions that they are familiar with. For example, a link to the Denver Water Quality Management Plan is included in the resources available for the Sustainable Sites – Stormwater Quality Credits resources, in addition to a list of other such resources. There is an incredible opportunity to strengthen this type of regionally specific real-world knowledge through a built-in feature of the site which is a field for comments within the pages for each of the credits. This tool has the blog-like potential to become a very powerful resource for users that will allow them to ask questions of their peers and share real world information and experience on LEED projects specific to each region, LEED credit & sustainable strategy.

Denver Off-Street Angle Parking Requirements

August 9, 2009


Parking Angle Stall Length Stall Width Projection Aisle Module Interlock Reduction Overhang Allowance
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G)
22′ 8.5′ 8.5′ 10.0′ 27.0′
30° 17.5′ 8.5′ 15.0′ 11.0′ 41.0′ 2.0′ 1.5′
45° 17.5′ 8.5′ 17.0′ 13.0′ 47.0′ 2.0′ 2.0′
60° 17.5′ 8.5′ 18.0′ 16.0′ 52.0′ 1.5′ 2.0′
75° 17.5′ 8.5′ 18.5′ 18.0′ 55.0′ 1.0′ 2.5′
90° 17.5′ 8.5′ 17.5′ 23.0′ 58.0′ 2.5′

Denver Zoning requires that off-street parking angles other than 90-degree, be between 30 and 75 degrees with the stall sizes remaining the Universal standard size of  8’-6” x 17’-6”.

For all off-street angle parking, the minimum aisle width for two-way traffic needs to be 20’.  If the aisle happens to be a public alley or access to adjoining parking spaces, the projection must be lengthened to provide a total aisle width of 20’ for 0 to 75-degree angle parking, and 23’ for 90-degree angle parking.  This applies to all new uses except for single unit dwellings and duplexes.

Free Consultation on Restaurant Floor Plans, Bars, Seating and Kitchens

August 3, 2009

EVstudio provides an initial free consultation for restaurant and bar owners who need some insight on their plans. We’re experts at evaluating the code requirements, the flow and the capacity of the space that you are considering. Our team of architects and engineers has worked on fast food places, bars, ethnic food, specialty food, catering and fine dining. Our designs include ground up new construction, tenant finish and remodels.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or you have a plan worked out, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll take a look at what you have and give you our thoughts, free!

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Letter of Recommendation for EVstudio from Ethan Dulsky with Timberwood Development

July 28, 2009

We submitted for an AIA Colorado award and one of our great clients, Ethan Dulsky, wrote us a letter of recommendation. Timberwood Development’s recent project really turned out well.

EV Studio Recommendation Timberwood

EVstudio Added to the City of Temple’s Pre-Approved Architects List Based on Qualifications

July 28, 2009

The Copperas Cove, Texas office of EVstudio has recently received notification from the City of Temple, Texas that we have been added to their pre-approved list for architectural services.

The letter we received was from the Director of Purchasing  for the City of Temple and indicated that after a review of our firm’s qualifications, we have been placed on the City of Temple’s pre-approved list for architectural services.  By qualifying for placement on this “short list”, EVstudio will now be able to eliminate the need for routine RFP’s and RFQ’s for projects with the City of Temple over the next two years.  As departments within the City need architectural services they may now contact our firm directly for services related to those projects.

Honka Log Wall Stacking at Kershenstein Residence in Evergreen Colorado

July 24, 2009


Kershenstein What a View

Kershenstein Milled Log

We took an office tour of the Kershenstein log home in Evergreen Colorado. They were stacking the Honka log walls, expecting to hit course 14 by the end of the day.