Spread Footings Ready at The Preserve at Pine Meadows

September 25, 2009

I was out to inspect the spread footings today in the Preserve at Pine Meadows and everything looked great. The contractor, Bud Moore with American Craftsman Homes met me out there and we went over the schedule for the reamining concrete pours.

He was very complimentary about how the home nestled into the site and also how we nailed the views from the home’s footprint.

This is the second project that we designed in The Preserve that American Craftsman Homes has built and the third design in the development. We look forward to many more in this great mountain community.

Pink Fog Studio Stairs – Open Riser Steel Stair With Oak Treads

August 22, 2009

Pink Fog Stair

Jim and I went by Pink Fog to inspect the steel connections on the stair to the loft.

Due to existing conditions, we designed a stair that would avoid placing a post in front of a window. The design required both cantilevered upper floor framing and a cantilevered stringer. In order to make this work, we utilized a unique structural design with a bent frame to handle the torsional force and the cantilevers.

Trusses Go Up at Kershenstein’s Honka Log Home

August 19, 2009

01 033_01

On Sunday I stopped by the Kershenstein residence to see what progress has taken place. Along with the upper floor framing and upper framed walls, the upper level trusses look to be almost all in place. Also on the lower level, temporary bracing is in place until the stone clad concrete masonry columns are built to support the main level deck above.

Photos of Fillmore Spec Home in Denver

August 18, 2009

Fillmore Living Room

Filllmore Kitchen

Fillmore Back Patio

I dropped off a letter to Steve McCreery today at the house on Fillmore. The City and County of Denver generally likes to see a letter at the end of the process detailing the inspections that I did for the house. The project is very close to finished.

Updates on Framing at the Diamond Building on Castle Court in Evergreen

August 11, 2009

Diamond Building Approach

Diamond Building Detail

I went over to the Diamond Building for a structural inspection and took a couple progress photos.

Evergreen Terraces and EVstudio Architecture Featured in National Real Estate Article for LEED Work

August 7, 2009

RCA Report Summer 2009 - Volume 10, Issue 3

RCA Report Summer 2009 – Volume 10, Issue 3

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Commercial Association (RCA) recently published their Report for the Summer of 2009 focused on green building and the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green rating system. The Report outlines the national real estate trends involving LEED certified and registered buildings, increased rent premiums associated with LEED certified buildings, and trends within the ranks of real estate professionals for becoming knowledgeable about green building and the LEED Rating Systems. In support of that information, the Evergreen Terraces Office Building located here in Evergreen, Colorado is featured in the report as a case study outlining the marketability and competitive advantages of building a green commercial building. EVstudio designed the building and headed up the sustainable design, research, consultation and CA including documentation & registration of the building under the LEED Rating System for Core & Shell projects. The building is currently still in the process of its LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is expecting to achieve a Silver Certification.

EVstudio is Awarded New Italian Restaurant Project in Copperas Cove, Texas

August 4, 2009

The Copperas Cove office of EVstudio has recently been hired to provide A/E and land planning services for “Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant”.  “Giovanni’s” is a local restaurant with locations in Copperas Cove, Killeen, and Lampasas, Texas.  The Copperas Cove location will be relocating to the new building and will be the cornerstone of the three current locations.

The new restaurant will have a classical Italian theme and atmosphere.  There will be several distinctly different areas within the building representing various regions of Italy.  There are also several exterior spaces dedicated to gardens and landscaped areas that will visually accessible from inside the facility.  The restaurant is planned to seat around 200 guests and includes both indoor ad outdoor spaces along with a full bar and wood fired pizza oven.  We are anticipating the final configuration to have a building footprint of between 6500-6800 square feet and occupy about 1 and ½ acre of highway frontage real estate.

EVstudio is working directly with the developer on this project to insure the needs of the restaurant are appropriately addressed and successfully incorporated into the overall planning of the Planned Development District in which it will be a part of.  There has already been close coordination between the developer’s civil engineer, the city engineer, and the planners at EVstudio in regards to these considerations.

EVstudio will be encouraging the owners of this project to incorporate as many “green” concepts as possible into the building and surrounding site.  Thus far, we have been able to include several sustainable site concepts and day lighting strategies into the initial planning.  We have also identified numerous other “green” concepts that we would like to study and look for opportunity to implement.

We will continue to update the progress of this project throughout the design and construction process.