EVstudio.info is the Top Architecture Blog in Colorado

September 30, 2008

At least according to Google…

I occasionally Google some of the search terms that EVS would like to be found under so I was pleasantly surprised to find us right at the top of “colorado architecture blog” and “denver architecture blog”. Of course these rankings change minute to minute but we plan to remain on top by continuing to provide more content and information than any other architecture firm.

Residential Stair Design – Guidelines, Criteria and Dimensions

September 29, 2008

I received a question about stair width from one of our clients and thought it made sense to clarify the typical stair design rules for houses. These are the rules that are in the 2006 International Residential Code.

Stairways have to be at least 36″ clear width above the handrail height. Handrails can’t project more than 4.5″ into each side.

You need at least 80″ of head height throughout the stair.

The maximum height of a riser is 7.75″ and the treads have to be at least 10″ deep. Treads also need to be a minimum of 4″ tall.

If you have winders they can’t be shallower than 6″ and they have to be at least 10″ deep when you’re 12″ into the winder.

The landings must be at least as deep as the stairs are wide and you can’t go up more than 12′ without a landing.

Handrails have to be mounted between 34″ and 38″ above the tread nosing and must run the full length of the stairs. The handrails have to be at least 1.5″ off the wall and where they are circular they need to be 1.25″ to 2″ in diameter. If the handrail isn’t circular it needs to have a perimeter between 4″ and 6.25″ with a maximum cross section of 2.25″.

There are a number of other rules for particular situations but these are the general guidelines. There are more difficult stair and handrail rules for commercial and multifamily dwellings. I’ve also written a separate post for spiral stairs.

Moore Residence Update

September 27, 2008

Paula Moore sent Beth Freeman and I some update photos on her house outside Pueblo. The house is built out of insulated concrete forms (ICF) with a 2,800 sf footprint.

Paula’s comment on this photo “The attached pictures are not completely current — we’ve had a little landscaping, but will send more once we download them — including the interior, which is spectacular! Thanks for helping us realize our dream!”

Beardance Village in Frisco taking Virtual Shape

September 25, 2008

Upper Level Plan

Beardance Village, the townhome project that we are designing for Beardance Builders in the Town of Frisco at the corner of Frisco Street and 2nd Avenue is currently in Construction Documents phase and the owner has asked us to prepare 3-D floor plans of the project for marketing purposes. With the use of Sketchup, we have translated our 2-D plans into a 3rd dimension which further helps to visualize the space

Main Level Floor Plan

In addition to the birds-eye view capabilities, we are also able to make interior perspective views for the sample units. Below are a few samples of what we can do. Once the model is built, changing materials or other elements like furniture is easily done.

Kitchen Perspective

Great Room

The next step in the visualization process will be the exterior rendering in the context of the project site. We will post that as soon as it is completed. To learn more about this project, or about Beardance builders, please visit http://www.beardancebuilders.com/ 

CNN.com Features an Article on Shipping Container Homes

September 24, 2008

CNN.com has an article on a company called PFNC producing shipping container homes in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

I’ve seen a lot more discussion about shipping container homes lately in Mexico, the US and Jamaica. Basically the idea is that where countries are net importers they end up with an oversupply of shipping containers. The containers are weather tight and well built so they can be utilized as the structure for inexpensive housing. The basic shipping container is only 8 feet by 40 feet so a single shipping container is tight. However, they can be combined or utilized as only one piece of the overall structure. They can also be stacked on top of each other.

A link to more container houses

Playground at Holly Park

September 23, 2008

Our Community Center at Holly Park will be complimented by a playground donated by Kaboom in assoication with Home Depot and the NFL. The playground is scheduled to be installed by volunteers on October 14th and 16th. Please let me know if you’re interested in volunteering.

New Project at Wadsworth Station

September 22, 2008

EVstudio has been hired to design a concept for a mixed use residential and retail building in the upcoming Wadsworth Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Lakewood, Colorado.